11 Februari 2013

Small phone people v 1.0.11 APK

Watch the lives of those tiny phone in your beautiful country house in the sky!

Tiny people phone play. google.com. tinyphonepeople
Beautiful graphics in one of the most sophisticated applications Live Wallpapers ever seen!

Complete the day-to-night cycleGorgeous GraphicsSelectable characterHouse male or female front/series to watch their activities OffA characters to perform; eating sleeping-even working out at the gym!Installation instructions:
Casa > > tiny people phone Menu icon > set wallpaper Live Wallpaper > > set wallpaperchange features:
Home Menu > > tiny people phone icon > > Live wallpaper set Wallpaper > tiny people phone icon > > settings once the settings are selected, press back > set wallpaper
what is there in this version:(Updated: February 9, 2013)
New touch-character to stop them. They will wave back!Best location seeking the code when the device is starting up.Rendering optimizations.Fixed possible situation which may cause frozen loading screen.Fixed freeze when ' Set wallpaper ' is pressed before the preview window was created.
Download : 17 MB APK

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