17 Februari 2013

RPG Alliance of solitude v 1.0.3 g APK

Listy, a town farther from the Kingdom, a young man named Fort has blood of the Jinn. Living in an orphanage with his friends James and Legna, Fort is chased by the other villagers.
One day, however, invades the Empire and the streets run with the blood of innocents. Run to the aid of his friends, Fort is forced to face the truth of what he is. a truth that will leave you cursing his own blood ...

Trust and betrayal, friendship, love and hate all wrapped together in an unforgettable tale of life changed forever by the blood of the Jinn.

Power of genius to command monsters
Using his power, Fort can contract with monsters, including members of four tribes of beasts, fairies, dragons and vampires.
Create characters, choosing a class for each of the monster of strong allies and then combine the strengths of each tribe and class to create a powerful party.

Expand the boundaries of your adventures!
The purchase of solitude allows you to add several new elements to this story.
Some useful items and secret dungeons are accessible only through loneliness points.

what is there in this version:(Updated: February 8, 2013)

Download : 11 MB APK
Thanks to Morthis

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